Tickets / Prices


A Miniport Voyage is priced at £10.00 per ship.

Each ship will take up to 3 adults and 2 children, or an equivalent crew!

Earlybird Voyages
at least 50% longer before 12:30pm every day, when we tend to be quietest with no queues.

There is normally no need to book your voyage, but we can offer bookings from 5 pm, including a group rate.

We prefer to take group bookings at the start or end of the day, and can open specially for you - please get in touch.

Birthday Parties
Stuck for ideas what you could do for your childs birthday party?

Why not have a MiniPort birthday party at the MiniPort at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We can arrange some games and challenges so everyone can have a fun and memorable party.

We typically hold our birthday parties at our Portsmouth Historic Dockyard site in front of Action Stations which also has Laser Quest and a 7m Climbing Tower. Please phone us to discuss your requirements

Visitors with a Disability
We will do our absolute best to accommodate as wide a range of needs as we can. Both our venues have a flight of steps, making wheelchair access difficult.

We aim give those with any disability 50% extra voyage time - just ask us. The only exception to this occurs if we have a long queue at peak times, making this unfair on other family groups.